Welcome to PattiMcMann.com!

I am a writer, and my articles appear in print and electronic publications all over the world. Everywhere I look I see something to write about. I write to help and educate others.

My articles cover many topics, and some of them feature people who contacted me with their stories and asked me to write them. All of the stories are informative, and some of them break my heart. Most of all, the events happened in people's lives, and by writing each story, I helped the person to whom the respective story belongs.


I also write e-books; some I sell, some I give away. The market and demand for e-books has grown dramatically over the last five years. Technology makes reading e-books so much simpler. With an e-book, we can read it at our leisure.Electronic books will continue to grow in popularity as people seek easier and faster ways of obtaining information. Unlike its hard cover counterpart, an e-book has many advantages such as instant delivery, takes up very little space, and is portable and searchable.

E-books have many rewards and I enjoy writing them.